BABEL- BACH, ASPHALT, 25.10.2020, Festival les Amplitudes, La Chaux de Fonds (CH)
Théatre L'Heure Bleue, Les Amplitudes [→], Tickets [→]

The practice of Florian Bach focuses on social violence. He decrypts situations or issues that have complex political repercussions. His work is dealing with paradoxal questions like, on one hand, political existence, militant implication, demission, rejection; on the other hand, forces driving to exile, uprooting, domination, loss and destruction. Those references reveal the ambiguity related to various tools and materials he uses. The ambivalent functions of such objects and situations are being scrutinized: the gas cylinder, the ax, the rope, now for domestic use, now for violence. He confronts spectators with structures that often reject them. His installations are also crafted through a performative practice.

As a light designer Florian Bach collaborates and produces conceptual lights for performative and stage works. Light is for him a sculptural material. A special attention to light conceived as one dispositive is given. He is interested in the computerized writing of sequences. He refers to compositions systems used in concrete music, like synchro- and de-synchronization.

13.06. - 11.10.2020
FACM@JBAM#2020, Group show, Jardin Alpin of the city of Meyrin - Geneva, CH, Opening tbc.
With Florian Bach, Collectif Ceres, Adrian Fernandez Garcia, Alexandre Joly, Andreas Kressig and Delphine Reist

02.06. - 29.09.2019
BEGEGNUNGEN 2019 [→], Group show, Chur, CH, Opening June 1st at 1pm.
With Remo Albert Alig, Florian Bach, Alex Dorici, Daniela Droz, huber.huber, Isabelle Krieg, Tim Krohn, Carmen Müller, Roman Signer, Not Vital, Dominik Zehnder and Peter Conradin Zumthor

30.06.2019, 4 - 5pm.
Artist talk between Flurin Bisig and Florian Bach.
Moderated by Misia Bernasconi (curator) and Stefan Kunz (director of the Bündner Kunstmuseum) Bündner Kunstmuseum [→] , in the frame of BEGEGNUNGEN 2019 [→], Chur, CH

SELF, Solo show, 14.12.2017- 13.01.2018
Halle Nord [→], Geneva

PROMESSES, Solo show, 2.06. - 08.07.2017
Circuit Centre d'art contemporain [→], Lausanne.

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