Selection of images published by Boabooks in:
Florian Bach — Source(s), Boabooks 118
204×272 mm, 168 pages, 200 illustrations
Four-colour offset printing.
ISBN 978-2-940409-49-5

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"Source(s)" is a book containing a selection of 200 photographic notes taken since 1993 on 24x36 mm film. It creates formal bridges, visual relationships and narrative content between the images. Selected and organized by Izet Sheshivari (Boabooks) the book explores chromatic exchanges, associates places and recurring subjects, composing sets and opens observation posts. The photographs come from my extensive archive, which now consists of around a thousand analogue and digital images. This constantly evolving work bears witness to the context in which the installation production takes place; the surroundings and attributes of the city, in which I focus as much on architectural details, neglected objects and abandoned places as on landscapes and vegetation. At first sight, intimate in nature, this work takes on a universality with editorial distance; banal images, where it is only the recurrence of subjects and the way I look at them that gives them a singular character. They are my memory and bear witness to my view of my social environment.

Source(s) was printed with the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and the Republic and Canton of Geneva in October 2023.
Photographies: Florian Bach
Design, image selection & photolithography: Izet Sheshivari [→]
Printing & binding  : PCL Presses Centrales SA, Renens.