Drum kit and various instruments recovered with bitumen,
asphalt, limestone from Jura, aluminium, steel

Asphalte, in collaboration with musician and composer Alexandre Babel is a a drum solo. The drum, popular instrument, takes the role of the soloist and begins an eventful discourse between rhythms, impacts, sound textures and resonances. Concert, plastic work and performance, Asphalte takes the public on an audiovisual experience which plays with perception of light and which elevates the solo musician to the level of a sculptural object.

Conception. Alexandre Babel & Florian Bach
Music & performance : Alexandre Babel
Drum kit, sculpture and Light design: Florian Bach
Realisation: Marcello Silvio Busato
Sound: Nadan Rojnić
Production : Festival Les Amplitudes - La Chaux de Fonds (CH)
Thanks to: Wiesen55 e.V Berlin, Art Kombinat e.V. Berlin: Jürgen Konradi & Achim Kling,
Ruth Waldeyer, Bruno Pocheron, Paul Klier

Photos: Valentin Brusteaux, Pablo Fernandez, Florian Bach